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If you are interested in becoming a part of the GFA Family, please contact us for more details. 

Director Steve Jackman 






Genesis Football Academy launched in April of 2015 as the first academy to serve West Toronto and surrounding area.

Genesis Football Academy aims to offer an academy program for the emerging soccer star and elite athletes that focuses on excellence on and off the pitch.  We strive to create sincere, altruistic and perseverant athletes and people.  These attributes are key tools to carry with them to face whatever the future may hold.  This allows our members to develop and become assets to society in productive and fully functional ways.


Wellness Workshop Well Received !

In November 2022 Genesis Football Academy hosted the creators of the POP (Person Over Player) Project.  HIghlighted in the sessions were the topics of Dealing with Adversity and Self Care on and off the Pitch. 

Alyssa Smith - Western Michigan University Alumni (NCAA D1)

Carlie Thornber - Tulsculum University Alumni (NCAA D1)

Brigitte Donaghy - Bryant University Alumni (NCAA D1)

connected with the athletes and shared their stories to help empower the person over the player and discuss tangible strategies to enhance their resilience and ability to overcome adversity in all areas of their lives. 


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